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2017 Project Excellence Award Winners

1. Commercial/Institutional Over $1 Million

Tri-City Electric Company, Inc.

Miami Dolphins Stadium - $500 Million Renovation

South Florida Chapter, NECA


2. Commercial/Institutional Under $1 Million

Mayberry Electric Inc.

Fannie Mae

Atlanta Chapter, NECA


3. Design Build Over $1 Million

Big Sky Electric, Inc. / Titan Systems, Inc.

Hyperloop Propulsion Open Air Test

Southern Sierras / Southern Nevada Chapter, NECA


4. Design Build Under $1 Million

Classic Electric

Brussels Sprout Sort & Packing Line

California Central Coast Chapter, NECA


5. Educational Over $1 Million

Quantum Electric Corporation

Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center

New York City Chapter, NECA


6. Educational Under $1 Million

Advance Sound Company

Hagan Nursing Center

Long Island Chapter, NECA


7. Energy Solutions/Green Buildings Over $1 Million

PDE Total Energy Solutions

Microgrid at ETI Net Zero Plus

Los Angeles Chapter, NECA


8. Energy Solutions/Green Buildings Under $1 Million

Classic Electric

Substrate Berries

California Central Coast Chapter, NECA


9. Healthcare Over $1 Million

H.B Frazer Company -- Pennsylvania

Reading Health System New Construction of 7th Avenue Building

Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, NECA


10. Healthcare Under $1 Million

Miller Electric

Baptist Emergency at Town Center

North Florida Chapter, NECA


11. Industrial

Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc.

Eisenhower / Johnson Memorial Tunnels – Fixed Fire Suppression System

Rocky Mountain Chapter, NECA


12. Overhead Transmission

E-J Electric T&D

Milvon to Devon Transmission Line Upgrade

Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter, NECA


13. Residential

Bodine Electric of Decatur

Wassaja Hall

Illinois Chapter, NECA


14. Streetlighting/Traffic Signals Over $1 Million

Moulison Heavy Electrical

Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge

Boston Chapter, NECA


15. Streetlighting/Traffic Signals Under $1 Million

E-J Electric Installation Co.

Pershing Square Viaduct

New York City Chapter, NECA


16. Substation/Interconnection

Matrix NAC

PECO: New Post Substation 220 kV Project

Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, NECA


17. Transportation & Infrastructure

Lanco Electric

SPWA Water Treatment Plant Expansion – Phase 1

Western Pennsylvania Chapter, NECA