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  1. A NECA member must perform the installation. 

  2. Projects must be completed between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. 

  3. Completed entry forms must be received between March 4, 2024 and July 14, 2024. 

  4. The competition will consider thirteen categories based on the type of project and its dollar value: 

    • Commercial/Institutional 

    • Design-Build 

    • Educational 

    • Energy Solutions/Green Building 

    • Health Care

    • Industrial 

    • Technology/Low Voltage

    • Overhead Transmission 

    • Residential 

    • Street Lighting/Traffic Signal 

    • Substation/Interconnection

    • Transportation/Infrastructure

    • Electric Vehicle (EV)

    Two awards will be given out for the following categories: Commercial/Institutional, Design-Build, Educational, Energy Solutions/Green Building, Health Care, and Street Lighting/Traffic Signal. These awards will be based on whether the electrical/technology portion of the project is valued under or over $1,000,000. Only one award regardless of project value will be given out for these categories: Industrial, Low Voltage/Integrated Systems, Overhead Transmission, Residential, Substation/Interconnection, and Transportation/Infrastructure.

  5. Please select the category that is most appropriate for the project and scope of work that you are submitting. The awards committee reserves the right to make the final determination as to what category a project falls under. 

  6. Members may submit one entry per category. 

  7. Projects completed as part of a joint venture are acceptable, if all joint venture partners performing electrical work are NECA members. Winning projects will be awarded in the name of all joint venture partners.

  8. When multiple contractors are working on the same project separately, not as part of a joint venture, each contractor is eligible to submit an entry for their own scope of work.

  9. Each entry must be submitted with project photos, preferably high resolution in a PNG or JPEG file format. Applicants are required to submit at least six photos consisting of three construction and three post-construction photos. Additional photos may be submitted. Photo captions are highly recommended. Projects submitted without project photos will not be considered. Applicants are welcome to submit videos in addition to photos. It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain permission from the project owner. NECA National reserves the right to reuse the pictures for the purposes of promoting our membership. 

  10. The awards committee will make the award selections based on criteria including originality, aesthetics, the difficulty of installation, quality of workmanship, and application of technology. At most, two awards (over $1 Million, and under $1 Million) will be presented per category. At the committee’s discretion, all awards in all categories may not be awarded. 

  11. Awards for the winning projects in each category will be presented at NECA San Diego. NECA National must receive completed forms and photos no later than July 14, 2024.  We will not be able to accept entries after this date.